The competition is very strong this time.

EISTF Competition

The participants will compete on average $10,000 in awards and prizes and are judged on their creative ability and scientific thought, as well as the thoroughness, skill, and clarity shown in their projects.


two concurrent international science competitions

Targeted Age totally covered from all aspects

EISTF science fair is divided into two concurrent international science competitions,so that all students from different countries can show case their research. The first one is for the high school projects and the second is for the university projects to provide equal educational opportunities.

EISTF Science Fair

student School Science Fair

Ages between (14 to 21) high school students

13-21 School Students from Public schools, Private schools, STEM schools, Experimental schools, Industrial Schools, Technological schools, and Vocational schools. For both genders.

graduate College Science Fair

Ages between (19 to senior year)

Freshmen to Senior Students from all Colleges especially the colleges which have a strong related to our categories For both genders.

EISTF Categories Six Main Categories

Many projects could easily fit into more than one EISTF category. We highly recommend that you choose the category that most accurately describes your project. You don’t need to compete in the same category as in your regional or state competition. We attempt to match judges to projects first at the sub-category level and then at the category level as best as possible.

Biology and Medicine

Mechanical and electrical Engineering

Physics and Astronomy

Computer Science

Chemistry and Environmental Science

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Read Carefully Terms of Participation

  • Students are not allowed to participate with more than one project.
  • The project must pass Display and Safety Committee and Review Committee to be able to participate.
  • Students can participate in an individual or a group project, provided that the group members do not exceed three students.
  • The team does not have the right to change team members at any stage of the fair.
  • It is possible for the research project to be a part of an extensive study carried out by specialized scientists provided that the part submitted was done exclusively by the student and was the student’s idea.
  • In the case of constant scientific theft or falsification or fabrication of information, or use the work of other researchers without reference, the project will be permanently excluded from the exhibition.
  • Egypt International Science and Technology Fair is not considered as an adjunct to the ownership of projects submitted in the event of a dispute between applicants on the ownership of the idea or project.
  • If the student does not comply with the conditions of the exhibition, the project shall be prevented permanently from this competition, whether this year or in future years

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Awards Grand & special

  • Grand awards are:
    • Affiliation for other fairs
    • Cash awards

There are special awards for the other participants in all categories such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Gifts
  • Miscellaneous Awards